Cabinet Ministers rebel to vote against Brexit delay

A number of Cabinet Ministers last night rebelled against Theresa May to vote against a Brexit delay beyond 29th March – including the Brexit Secretary himself, Steve Barclay.

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Others who voted against a delay included Liam Fox, Chris Grayling, Andrea Leadsom, Penny Mordaunt, Liz Truss and Gavin Williamson. Even the Chief Whip, Julian Smith, ended up abstaining.

Sadly, Parliament voted for the government’s delay motion, despite Theresa May having promised on countless occasions that she would not extend Article 50 and that the UK would leave on 29th March as promised. How can anyone now believe a word she says?

The move to extend was voted through by 412 to 202, despite the fact that 75% of Leave voters are against delaying Brexit beyond 29th March, along with 72% of Conservative voters. They won’t be happy, the UK should be leaving deal or No Deal.

In the same evening, MPs voted heavily against a second referendum. The Loser’s Vote went completely bust, going down by 334 to 85 votes.

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