Businessman slams Vince Cable and his establishment mates for 'getting in the way of Brexit'

An angry businessman accused Remoaner-in-Chief Vince Cable and his politician friends of “getting in the way” of Brexit.

The caller on Nick Ferrari’s LBC Show said: “You and your friends, your politicians are getting in the way. We’re happy with the British people saying we’re going to leave Europe. We’ll do business together but you’re muddying the waters. They’ve decided they’re going, accept it, it’s done let us get on with our business you’re costing people jobs, costing this country money.”

Cable responded: “If you’re doing business with the EU you’re operating under the rules of the single market, there’s the possibility in a couple of years time that you’re going to go through a massive upheaval because these rules don’t apply. Many companies are deeply alarmed by the massive uncertainty.

But this wasn’t good enough for the caller, who said: “Simply not true we’ll trade under WTO rules, we’ll trade under any rules, we’ll make money and make a success.”

This came in the same interview in which Cable said he still believed the result of the EU referendum could be overturned:

Cable really has got his head in the clouds if he thinks Britain won’t be leaving the EU and he should have listened to the caller on LBC – an increasing number of people are fed up with Brexit blockers getting in the way.