Business Secretary attacks No Deal as hardline Remainer MPs plan 'sit in'

The Conservative government’s Business Secretary, Greg Clark, has attacked a No Deal Brexit again today as he and other pro-EU colleagues seek to stop the WTO Brexit favoured by two-thirds of Tory members.

Cranking up Project Fear yet again in an interview with Sky News, Clark has warned of “thousands of jobs” going if there’s a No Deal whilst insisting that “everyone knows that”. Err, do they?

It is more rhetoric that harks back to the 2016 referendum when the Treasury warned of a recession and 500,000 job losses if the UK voted to Leave – and was then followed by the lowest rate of unemployment since 1975.

Meanwhile, HuffPost UK report that Chancellor Philip Hammond expects hardline Remain MPs to stage a ‘sit-in’ in Parliament to try and stop a No Deal Brexit.

It shows the level of opposition from some in Westminster against a clean break with the European Union.

That is why the new Prime Minister, most likely Boris Johnson, will need grit and determination to deliver at the end of October as he has promised. If not, he’ll just be another Theresa May.