'Burka like wearing Crucifix' Remainer Davidson's astonishing response to Boris

Pro-EU Tory Ruth Davidson has joined in with politically correct faux outrage against Boris Johnson for his comments on the Burka by comparing the religious headwear to wearing a Christian cross.

The Scottish Conservative Leader said the burka debate should be compared to one on the wearing of the crucifix, claiming it “is the same argument but in a different faith”.

The bizarre comparison suggests fully covering your face and body is equal to wearing a crucifix around your neck.

Johnson did not call for a ban on the Burka, despite other European countries such as Denmark and France already having bans in place, but did criticise the clothing item as “oppressive”.

Despite Theresa May and other leading Remainers in the Tory party calling for the former Foreign Secretary to apologise, Boris has refused to back down.

Davidson’s comments clearly represent a desperate attempt to prevent Boris becoming Tory Leader. Another politician badly out of touch.