Bumper £13 billion foreign aid giveaway

It has been confirmed that the government are now giving away over £13 billion of British taxpayers’ money each year in foreign aid.

The UK accounted for nearly 1 in every 8 pounds given away, coughing up over £13 billion to be wasted in an increasingly dodgy foreign aid industry.

At least £300 million was recently lost to fraud and the likes of India have even said that they don’t need the UK’s hand outs. Some of the money Britain has given away has been spent on malls and retail stories, not exactly a humanitarian crisis.

Whilst the country faces an NHS crisis, housing crisis and school place shortage, the Tory government are going on with the Labour policy of handing away billions each year.

Just as the political class took a while to catch up on public opinion when it came to EU membership and border controls, this cannot last. Handing over some money to genuine causes is fine, but this colossal giveaway simply cannot be justified.