Bulgaria latest to reject UN Migration Pact as rebellion grows

Bulgaria has joined the growing ranks of European governments opposing the UN’s Global Migration Pact.

Deputy Leader of the ruling GERB party, Tsvetan Tsvetanov confirmed on Monday: “The position of the Bulgarian government will be not to join the United Nations’ global pact on migration.”

GERB’s junior party in Bulgaria’s coalition government, The United Patriots, also strongly oppose the compact declaring it a danger to national interests. The Bulgarian Parliament are expected to debate the pact on Wednesday.

Bulgaria join Hungary, Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic and Croatia – in addition to the United States – who have publicly opposed the accord to date, as national governments pledge to retain full control over their nation’s borders.

President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker responded to the news at a business summit in Berlin, calling on European nations to unite on the issue of migration.

He said: “If one or two or three countries leave the United Nations Migration Pact, then we as the EU can’t stand up for our own interests.”

Increasingly European governments do not appear to be listening to Brussels, content instead to take matters into their own hands in a bid to stand up and protect their borders and own national security. Quite right, too!