'Brussels told May to say UK would pay Brexit divorce bill'

Theresa May ‘took dictation’ from Brussels when she signed Britain up to pay a Brexit divorce bill to the EU, diplomats claim.

The European Commission reportedly told May to use the exact phrase “honour commitments we have made during the period of our membership” and say that no EU country “will need to pay more or receive less”.

A senior EU official told The Telegraph: “The Commission pretty much dictated the section on the financial settlement. The wording was exactly as the Commission wanted in order to convince member states the UK was serious about breaking the deadlock.”

Apparently EU officials were quietly pleased by the headlines last week suggesting Britain will pay a £20bn divorce bill and hoped the British public wouldn’t realise the true cost would actually be much higher.

As if this wasn’t pathetic enough, Donald Tusk then came to Downing Street and said not enough progress had been made. He even made a sarcastic comment about Britain no longer having its cake and eating it.

May seems to be giving into Brussels’ demands very easily and it’s embarrassing Britain.