Brussels secretly preparing for No Deal

The European Union has been quietly preparing for a No Deal outcome in the Brexit negotiations.

That’s according to EU negotiator Michel Barnier’s adviser Stefaan De Rynck who has said: “There is a clear negative impact from No Deal, I think that is clear, for both sides…especially for the UK economy, but it not a scenario that we want to work towards.

“We are preparing for it, that is for sure, the 27, but it is not something we in the negotiation room want to bring in that negotiation room.

“If there is No Deal as of April 2019, Britain is for the EU what any other third country is. With whom we do not have a preferential trade deal. That has serious consequences.”

As the clock ticks down, No Deal becomes a more likely prospect. The EU’s hardline approach to negotiations has ran the clock down and talks on trade just haven’t got going.

With the EU making contingency plans, surely it is time for the British government to now pour money into assuming No Deal and preparing the country appropriately for it. Being able to walk away is key to a negotiation – and is the only way the UK will be able to drive a hard bargain and secure a good deal anyway.