Brits in Germany eligible for residence permit after No Deal Brexit

Another scare story surrounding a No Deal Brexit has been blown apart, with Germany the latest country to guarantee the rights of Brits after a No Deal.

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The Director for EU Institutional Affairs, Brexit and EU Coordination at Germany’s Federal Foreign Office, Axel Dittmann, has confirmed that the government has adopted measures to guarantee rights.

He said yesterday: “All British citizens and their family members who have been entitled to free movement in Germany will be eligible to a residence permit in the event of a no-deal Brexit. Today, the German Government has adopted a draft law to be submitted to the Bundestag.”

The Brexit Residence Reconciliation Act will be published soon. As explained on the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs website: “The aim of the bill is to create legal certainty for all British nationals and their family members who have made use of the EU’s freedom of movement and have made life-long decisions in Germany in reliance on their survival.

“The bill ensures that all British nationals and their family members who are authorized to move freely in Germany at the time of departure can obtain a residence permit. In addition, it creates the conditions of residence law so that these persons continue to have access to the German labor market.

“The law still has to be passed by the Bundestag. It only comes into force in the event of withdrawal without a Withdrawal Agreement.

“The bill will be published shortly.”

The Spanish have already guaranteed the rights of Brits abroad as well with a Royal Decree. Of course this received minimal mainstream media coverage…