British Remoaner to EU's Verhofstadt: 'Please be tough and uncompromising on UK deal'

British Remoaners are sitting down with EU hardliners in the European Parliament to co-ordinate their block on Brexit, as demonstrated on last night’s ‘Carry on Brussels’ program on Channel 4.

Liberal Democrat MEP Catherine Bearder is shown welcoming Remoaner AC Grayling to the EU Parl, where they sit down with the EU’s Guy Verhofstadt.

Grayling makes the outrageous pitch to Verhofstadt: “The thing that I wanted to say to you…what would help the Remain movement in the UK if the EU is very, very tough and uncompromising on a deal.”

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Instead of trying to contribute towards the British national interest, these people are instead seeking to do what they can to undermine the UK and bolster the EU. Absolutely sickening.