British public want proper Brexit delivered, poll finds

A new ComRes poll has underlined how the British government want a proper Brexit delivered. Another wake-up call for Remoaner politicians and those seeking to push through Theresa May’s turkey of a deal.

Two-thirds of voters (65%) agree that “when Brexit is complete, the UK should try to become the lowest tax, business-friendliest country in Europe, focused on building strong international trade links”, Only 13% of Brits oppose such a vision.

Half of those asked (50%) now believe it would be humiliating if the country remained in the EU, compared to 39% who disagree. Those seeking to stop Brexit are badly out of touch.

They do not want Article 50 to be extended either, with only 34% supporting any delay beyond 29th March 2019 compared to 46% who oppose such a move.

More people are against a second referendum (50% vs. 40%) or remaining in the EU (45% vs. 44%) than are for, again flying in the face of the pro-EU establishment who constantly claim public opinion has shifted against Brexit.

44% of people believe warnings about the consequences of a No Deal Brexit have been ‘wildly exaggerated’ compared to 31% who don’t, whilst 45% said they would be prepared to sacrifice some future UK economic growth in order to complete Brexit properly, with 32% disagreeing.

The PM’s deal is not popular though, with only 26% of people supporting it and 46% opposing, with the Labour Parry leading the Tories by 2%. Dire.

A big 60% of people expected the Conservatives to lose the next General Election if Theresa May leads the party following the party’s handling of Brexit. Tory MPs surely cannot allowed May to lead them into another election.

The British people want a proper, clean Brexit delivered without delay. Instead of seeking to overturn the will of the people, politicians should be delivering what the people voted for.

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