British fishermen 'won't get larger share of fish until at least 2021'

UK fishermen won’t get an increase in their total catch during the Brexit transition, meaning the British fishing industry will continue to be hammered for years to come.

In a development that will cause uproar amongst Brexiteers, Britain’s fishermen won’t get a larger share of the fish caught in domestic waters during the transition, set to last until 2021.

The Financial Times report that the government are set to submit to EU demands that the total catch will remain as is during the ‘status quo transition’ that will begin in March 2019.

It is further confirmation that the 2019 Brexit process will be in name only, with all aspects of EU membership continuing.

The European Union have been open about their desire to maintain ‘existing access’ to Britain’s fishing waters, a move that will continue to cripple the domestic fishing fleet.

Government Ministers have recently hinted at a sell-out on fisheries, with Chancellor Philip Hammond saying: “We will be open to discussing with our EU partners the appropriate arrangements for reciprocal access for our fishermen to EU waters and for EU fishermen to ours.”

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