Britain’s Islamist hotbeds

The horrendous scale of segregation and extremism in parts of Britain has been laid bare by a new report that shows 10% of Islamists from the UK come from just five Council wards in Birmingham.

A huge study leaked to the Sunday Times shows that terror convictions have doubled in five years, with certain heavily Muslim, segregated areas are producing young men and women who are intent on doing the country harm in the name of radical Islam.

The study challenges assumptions that most Islamists are exiled loners, with the vast majority being linked in or inspired by networks and living with family.

The evidence will confirm what many of us know to be true: a multicultural society whereby people live in parallel societies is a very dangerous thing indeed. England as a country must start being more assertive of national values rather than encouraging such deep divisions to play out, leading to a disconnect and extremism. That such relatively small areas are producing so many terrorists proves that.