Britain's foreign aid budget can't legally be spent on islands hit by Hurricane Irma

A “ludicrous” law means Britain’s £13bn foreign aid budget can’t be spent helping overseas territories devastated by Hurricane Irma.

Countries such as Anguilla, the British Virgin Islands and the Turks and Caicos Islands were all obliterated by the freak weather and are now relying on British support.

But despite giving £4m to North Korea and millions in aid to India, a country with nuclear weapons and a space programme, these tiny islands are deemed “too wealthy” to be granted any help.

Boris Johnson gave a remarkably vague response to the disaster: “There are things we are going to have to do in the long term to make this island more economically self-sufficient and even more resilient, and we will certainly be thinking about that.”

The UK government has pledged £57m in aid but it will have to be found from outside the Foreign Aid Budget.

Britain has a responsibility to these nations, they are expecting the UK to help them in their hour of need but this isn’t happening because of needless, bureaucratic red tape.