Britain 'will boom once free from the EU’s destructive policies’

Roger Bootle, a top economist, has said that Britain will flourish once it breaks away from the EU’s destructive policies.

Bootle says that EU leaders are “obsessed with unnecessary and damaging integrations” and should instead busy themselves “with the fundamentals of economic growth” like Asian countries.

He added: “Unshackled from the EU and its destructive policies, there is every chance that the UK will enjoy a faster rate of economic growth – faster than it enjoyed in the past while a member, and faster than the remaining members in the future.”

Bootle also nails Remoaner misinformation about the Single Market, saying that despite only 12% of Britain’s GDP relating to exports to the EU, the rules and regulations must be obeyed by the entire economy.

“This means that some 88 per cent is not. Yet that 88 per cent must also obey all the EU’s rules,” he says.

His comments will form part of a report entitled ‘From Project Fear to Project Prosperity’ which will be released later in the year by the group Economists for free trade, which is headed up by pro-Brexit economists such as Ruth Lea and Patrick Minford.

Westmonster is looking forward to the full report!