Britain 'could save £2.7bn-a-year in tariff fees by leaving EU'

Britain could save £2.7bn-a-year by leaving the EU by not having to pay huge tariffs when trading with countries around the world, according to a new study.

Some of Britain’s biggest trading partners have not negotiated a trade deal with the EU, so Britain, as an EU member, has to pay tariffs when trading with them.

Yes, these countries pay tariffs when exporting goods into the UK, but the EU takes most of this cash for itself.

But this will stop when Britain finally leaves the Brussels bloc, and could see Britain pocket £2.7bn-a-year, according to a study by the Change Britain think tank.

Labour MP Gisela Stuart, who chairs Change Britain said: “EU membership has given us a raw deal when it comes to trade.  Brussels has failed to sign deals with many of our largest trading partners at a considerable cost to UK exporters, yet is happy to keep proceeds generated from the UK’s imports.

“After we leave the Customs Union, we can become a beacon of global free trade.”

A bright future ahead for Brexit Britain.