Bridgen: I'm uncomfortable speaking to someone in a burka

Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen has added a dash of common sense into the burka debate, making clear that he does feel uncomfortable speaking to someone with their face covered.

Bizarrely during the interview, Sky’s Kay Burley compared someone wearing the burka to Falklands hero Simon Weston.

Talking to Sky News, Bridgen said that it “makes me uncomfortable” for someone to have their face covered and that it is “perfectly natural” to expect to see someone’s face when speaking to them.

When asked specifically if speaking to someone wearing a burka made him feel uncomfortable, Bridgen said: “I do because when I’m speaking to someone and I want to see their reaction.”

He also hit back at claims that Boris Johnson’s comments were somehow racist, saying: “Some people are saying it’s racism…last time I last time I looked Islam wasn’t a race, it’s a religion.”

Bridgen stands with the majority of the British public against a politically correct establishment who have lost the plot.