Brexiteers in Northern Ireland hit back at EU's Barnier

Prominent Brexiteers in Northern Ireland have hit back at the EU’s Michel Barnier after he claimed that “a UK decision to leave the Single Market and Customs Union would make border checks inevitable”.

DUP Ian Paisley insisted that Barnier would have to go ahead and start building “YOUR hard border” or else negotiate sensibly with the UK.

Meanwhile TUV Leader and MLA Jim Allister pointed out that NI “sovereign UK territory, not sovereign EU territory” and that it was “time for the UK to put EU in its place”.

He followed up by saying that EU border checks on EU member state territory would be taking place only due to the insistence of Brussels.

Leave.EU meanwhile have pushed back hard against any Brussels push to keep Northern Ireland locked in with a different relationship to the rest of the UK.

The UK voted Leave together – that means a full, clean Brexit for the whole United Kingdom.