Brexiteer MPs open to concessions to secure Canada-style EU deal

Pro-Brexit MPs in the Conservative Party are willing to make concessions so that a Canada-style trade deal with the European Union can be done.

They would include EU officials stationed at UK ports and EU rules on goods exported to the bloc from Britain.

The plan is said to be backed by the likes of Jacob Rees-Mogg and Iain Duncan Smith, according to the Sunday Telegraph.

The Tory MP for Dover and Deal, Charlie Elphicke, backed the compromise as well. He tweeted: “Important proposal by Iain Duncan Smith, building on what already happens here at Dover – a proposal that answers the EU’s concerns, is in line with the 2017 manifesto, is clearly Brexit and honours the referendum mandate.

“The government should take this forward.”

It once again underlines how Brexiteers are still looking to chuck Chequers and replace it with a new plan.

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Surely Theresa May should now change course and seek to take her pro-Brexit MPs with her rather than relying on Labour to vote for Chequers?