Brexiteer MPs demand BBC show more balance on No Deal Brexit

Pro-Brexit MPs have written to the BBC demanding that the they reign in loaded terms such as ‘cliff edge’ when discussing exiting the UK without a deal.

In a letter signed by Brexiteers including Theresa Villiers, Steve Baker, Sir Bill Cash, Sammy Wilson and Nadine Dorries, they say: “We write to express concern about the BC’s use of the terms such as ‘cliff edge’ and ‘crashing out’ to describe a departure from the EU on WTO terms.”

They ask BBC Director General Lord Hall that “less partisan” language is used, such as “leaving on WTO terms” and request that action is taken on it.

Conservative MP Andrea Jenkyns tweeted out the letter, saying: “Pleased to sign Theresa Villiers letter to the BBC calling for impartiality in reporting on No-Deal/WTO.”

Fellow Tory Brexiteer Daniel Kawczynski also wrote: “I am one of the MPs who have signed this letter of complaint about BBC. Their biased coverage over Brexit is not appropriate bearing in mind their funding comes from taxpayers.”

It is ludicrous for the UK taking back control to be characterised as a ‘crash’ when the British government are now preparing the country to exit on WTO terms and such an outcome clearly has significant public support.

Come 29th March 2019, the UK must leave the EU, with or without a deal. That isn’t a cliff edge, its taking back control as promised. Hopefully the letter forces at least some change from the Beeb.