Brexiteer MP tells Chief Whip: I'm not voting for deal

Reality TV seems to have reached politics now, with cameras allowed into the Foreign Office and now the Whips Office. Not really sure what the benefit is as the bits that make the cut don’t tend to paint those involved in a particularly good light.

It is certainly entertaining though, and ITV News have been granted access to the Chief Whip Julian Smith as he attempts to persuade MPs to back Theresa May’s EU deal. Truly a losing battle.

They caught strident pro-Brexit MP Philip Davies sat down with the Chief Whip, who asks him: “Are you feeling any better about the deal on Tuesday? Have we got your support?”

“No,” comes the reply.


As Davies explains: “It’s the people against Parliament at the moment. And the government should be on the side of the people.”

Davies pushes back against any prospect of supporting the deal unless the PM goes back to the EU and renegotiates and makes clear he still thinks No Deal is better than this bad deal. Good to see MPs standing firm.

“This is about taking back control and we’re going to be in something we can’t control”. Imagine the Chief Whip has heard that complaint an awful lot this week.