Brexiteer McVey 'devastated' by EU transition extension

Pro-Brexit Works and Pensions Secretary Esther McVey is reported to have told Theresa May she is ‘devastated’ by the Prime Minister’s plan to extend the ‘status quo’ transition period.

It looks as though that period could now be pushed back all the way to 2022 – meaning the Conservatives could go into the next General Election having failed to deliver the benefits of Brexit. Open borders, for example, look set to remain for years to come.

McVey spoke out during a call the Prime Minister made to her Cabinet. Home Secretary Sajid Javid also apparently quizzed May on whether she had ‘explicitly threatened the EU with No Deal’.

The call didn’t seem to have much effect, with one source saying to The Telegraph that: “It raised more questions than answers.”

May this week is set to meet Brexiteer MPs. Will this finally be the week that talk turns to action. Pro-Brexit MPs have urged Theresa may to ditch her Chequers plan. She has refused. Next move.