Brexiteer fury over May plan that could 'keep UK tied to Customs Union indefinitely'

There are growing concerns over the direction of Brexit under Theresa May, with a note today shared with Ministers believed to have opened up the possibility of the UK remaining tied to the Customs Union without any end date in sight, according to The Telegraph.

The so-called ‘Irish backstop’ option had seen the likes of Boris Johnson, David Davis and Michael Gove demand that the UK have the ability to end the arrangement.

But instead, Britain will be tied to the European Court of Justice for years to come with little control and the proposal is being sent across to Brussels today, bypassing Brexiteers.

One Conservative is quoted as saying: “There is no mandate for this, more to the point politically it’s very difficult because a lot of Conservatives will be very concerned that we are giving an incentive to the EU to keep the backstop in place forever. There is going to be an almighty row, this is a crazy situation.”

This all adds up to another disturbingly soft move coming out from Number 10 that will alarm Brexiteers.

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The UK simply must not be tied to the EU for years to come. That isn’t independence. It isn’t good enough.