Brexit talks restart amid Tory chaos

David Davis is in Brussels today for his second round of Brexit talks with EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier.

Davis said “it’s time to get down to work and make this a successful negotiation” as citizens’ rights, Northern Ireland and the dreaded Brexit bill remain on the agenda.

But Britain’s hand is being weakened by constant Tory squabbling, with cabinet leaks dominating the news in recent days.

And Boris Johnson, also in Brussels, refused to deny the cabinet was split over Brexit – when asked, he simply said he was pleased negotiations had started again and praised Theresa May’s offer to EU nationals living in Britain.

Barnier vowed to “get to the heart of the matter“, but inside he must be laughing at the chaos going on in London.

How do the Tories expect to get a decent deal if its senior leadership can’t even decide what it is they want? While no deal remains a credible option, this Tory infighting is damaging Britain and needs to be stopped – now.