Brexit Party unveils Peterborough by-election candidate

The Brexit Party has revealed their candidate for the upcoming Peterborough by-election as local businessman Mike Greene.

Greene previously backed the Conservatives and former Peterborough MP Stewart Jackson, but decided to run for the insurgent Eurosceptic party after nearly three years of political failure on Brexit in Westminster.

“Who do people want to lead their country? They want someone who is going to listen to their views, their needs, who is going to represent them in the world and be honest with them” Greene told the Telegraph last night. “The Brexit party is the only party that has absolute clarity of focus on delivering the democratic vote.”

The by-election is set to be held on June 6, just two weeks after the European elections, following a successful petition to remove Labour MP Fiona Onasanya, the Labour MP who was jailed for perverting the course of justice during a speeding case. As a 61% Leave-voting marginal, the results could be messy for the establishment parties who traditionally vie for the seat.

Speaking of Ms Onasanya, Greene said: “She was a complete joke – had never lived here to my knowledge. I attend lots of business and charity functions and in two years I never saw her. What a let down.”