Brexit Party surges from nowhere in latest YouGov poll

Nigel Farage’s new Brexit Party has had a surge in the latest YouGov poll for The Times, with the new outfit and UKIP polling a combined 29% for the European Elections.

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In a poll conducted before Farage launched the party yesterday, the Brexit Party are on 15% for the European Elections compared to 16% for the Conservatives and 24% for Labour who lead.

UKIP are polling a further 14%, meaning the combined Brexit Party/UKIP voting intention of 29% outguns Labour by 5 points.

When it comes to a General Election, Labour lead on 32% with the Tories down on 28%.

Meanwhile the Liberal Democrats are on 11%, with the Brexit Party up on 8% and UKIP on 6% for a combined 14% at a General Election. The anti-Brexit Change UK is way behind on just 3%.

This is the outcome of Theresa May’s failure to deliver Brexit. The British public are likely to react to her failure to lead the UK out of the EU by electing a large number of Brexit MEPs but this could have long-term implications that lead to a General Election. How much longer with Tory MPs allow her to remain in place for?

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