Brexit Party surge to first place for EU Elections

Nigel Farage’s new Brexit Party have surged to an astonishing first place in the latest opinion poll for the European Elections.

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A YouGov poll has Brexit leading on 27%, with Labour on 22% and the Tories third with 15%.

Incredibly, the YouGov poll shows that 55% of Leave voters are already planning to vote for the Brexit Party, as are 49% of Conservative 2017 voters.

Just 34% of 2017 Tory voters are planning to vote Conservative at the EU Elections, whilst 10% of Labour voters are planning to vote Brexit as well.

It represents a big shift for the party after it was officially launched by Farage, with candidates including Annunziata Rees-Mogg announced as standing for the party.

The previous YouGov poll had the Brexit Party way down on 15%, in third place.

Young Brexiteer Dominique Samuels, who attended the launch, today wrote for Westmonster on why she is backing the party: “As I travelled from Coventry back to Manchester, it reminded of me what being British is all about and why I am so proud to be British. We are not known for giving up so easily.

“The Brexit Party is not just about leaving the EU, it is giving the hidden voice of the British people a last shot at truly being heard.

“So yes, one thing became apparent to me on my way back from Coventry: anybody who believes in democracy should vote for the Brexit Party in these upcoming elections. Our democracy depends upon it.”

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