Brexit Party reveal another diverse group of MEP candidates

The Brexit Party have unveiled another batch of candidates for the EU Elections, ranging from a Nigerian-born lawyer to a former civil servant.

John Longworth opened the meeting by claiming that the Conservative Party “has lost the plot” after refusing to oust Theresa May.

The first new candidate, Louis Stedman Bryce, was then introduced and hit out at the “media perception” of Brexiteers, saying that as a “gay, black man” he definitely knew what he was voting for when he backed Leave.

Young pro-Brexit campaigner Lucy Harris was announced as a candidate and said that she believes “democracy is the cause that trumps all others”.

Journalist Martin Daubney was also announced, as was James Wells who resigned as the head of UK Trade Statistics at the Office for National Statistics to stand as an MEP in Wales.

Elizabeth Babade, a Nigerian-born lawyer, is also standing and said that “when you get rid of democracy and the rule of law you automatically usher in all things undemocratic” including “societal disintegration”.

She also called for a “British Blexit” and for black voters to not blindly back Labour.

Finally, Henrik Overgaard-Nielsen, a NHS dentist and Trade Union representative was revealed and pointed out how the Danish “had stood up to the might” of the EU establishment and voted no to the Maastricht Treaty.

“What is happening to the UK now happened in Denmark in 1992,” he said.