Brexit Party overtake Conservatives in General Election poll

Nigel Farage’s still relatively new Brexit Party have overtaken the Conservative Party in a ComRes poll for a General Election.

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The astonishing poll shows that Labour are leading with 27%, followed by the Brexit Party on 20% and the Tories in third place on just 19%.

It could mean the Brexit Party winning up to 49 seats at a Westminster election, according to analysis.

Meanwhile a separate polling firm, Opinium, have the Brexit Party on 21% for a General Election with the Conservatives on 22% and Labour polling 28%.

When it comes to the EU Election however, Brexit leads on 34%, with Labour on 21% and the Tories way down on 11%.

The Head of Polical Polling at Opinium, Adam Drummond, has said: “There is definitely a degree to which the European elections are bleeding into Westminster voting intention and this is likely inflating the performance of the Brexit party in Westminster voting intention.

“It would be reasonable to assume that this would fall back in an actual General Election campaign but the fact that a party that is less than 6 months old is now vying with the governing party for second place is remarkable.”