Brexit Party in third place for EU Elections, 48% of Leavers 'likely' to support

New polling has revealed Nigel Farage’s new Brexit Party to be in prime position to take on the Conservatives and Labour at May’s likely European Elections.

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This morning, Henry Newman of Open Europe revealed a new poll by Hanbury Strategy for the EU Elections. They have Labour currently on 38%, the Conservatives on 23% and the Brexit Party on 10%.

Further back are the Liberal Democrats on 8%, UKIP on 7.5% and the anti-Brexit Change UK on 4%.

Interestingly, the poll apparently shows that 48% of Leave voters are currently likely or very likely to support the Brexit Party, along with 18% of Remainers.

Overall, 28% of voters said they were likely to support the Brexit Party, according to Open Europe’s Anna Nadibaidze.

With Britain looking set to vote for another batch of MEPs to represent them in the European Parliament, the British people will get to have their say on Theresa May’s appalling failure to deliver Brexit.

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