Brexit Party in second place for General Election, new Opinium poll finds

A new opinion poll has Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party polling 24% for a General Election, 2 points ahead of the Conservative Party. A trend of dramatic political polls continues.

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Opinium have Labour leading for Westminster with a 29% share of support, followed by Brexit with 24% and the Conservatives third on 22%. This is for a General Election, not the EU Elections taking place next week.

The Liberal Democrats are fourth on 11%, with the anti-Brexit Change UK way down polling just 3%.

When it comes to the European Election, Brexit have a clear lead on 34%, with Labour on 20%, the LibDems on 15% and the Tories down to 12%. Change UK are polling at just 3% for the European Election as well. Yikes.

The Head of Political Polling for Opinium, Adam Drummond, has said: “While the home for dissatisfied Leave voters was established quite early on as Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party, until recently Remainers dissatisfied with the major parties have struggled to unite around a single pro-Remain party.

“However, with less than a week to go there are signs that the Liberal Democrats are emerging to fill this slot. Although their share of the Remainer vote (29%) is nowhere near the 63% share the Brexit Party has among Leavers, they have overtaken Labour (28%) and this represents an increase of 7% from last week, mostly at the expense of Labour and the Greens. The question is whether that trend continues in the few days of campaigning left.”

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