'Brexit Party are not extremists' Javid praises Farage

The Home Secretary Sajid Javid has today praised Nigel Farage for walking away from UKIP and said that the Brexit Party is not in any way an extreme force. Obviously, but good to see a senior government official reiterate the point.

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In a speech on extremism today, Javid pointed out that “UKIP have floundered since they moved further right” and that their “support has collapsed”.

Specifically referring to the Brexit Party Leader, Javid said: “We must give credit where credit is due. So I applaud Nigel Farage in branding UKIP thugs and extremists.

“And even though his Brexit Party has not made my life any easier, they are not extremists.”

Javid finished the point by saying: “It doesn’t help to exaggerate the problem, to demonise anyone with a different view and to see danger when it is not there.”

Fair comments in a time of delusional rhetoric from hardline Remainers.

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