Brexit Party and Tories joint-second for General Election, Comres poll finds

Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party and the Conservatives are now neck-and-neck for a General Election with both parties polling 20%, according to the latest YouGov.

The latest poll shows Labour leading for a General Election on 27%, with the Tories and Brexit second with 20% each.

According to analysis from Electoral Calculus, that would mean Labour would be the largest party but no single party could command a majority in Parliament.

Labour would have 313 MPs, the Tories 199, the SNP 55, Brexit 36 and the LibDems on 24.

When it comes to the EU Election, ComRes have the Brexit Party with a slight lead on 27%, compared to 25% for Labour and 15% for the Conservatives.

This backs up another ComRes poll from the weekend that showed the Brexit Party leading the Tories in a Westminster poll for the first time.

Yet Theresa May is looking to get her unpopular EU deal through Parliament for a fourth time…