Tory MP: June 23rd should be Brexit Bank Holiday

There should be a bank holiday to commemorate the day Britain voted to leave the European Union, according to Brexiteer Peter Bone MP.

The Conservative has proposed a new piece of legislation to go before Parliament entitled the June Bank Holiday (Creation) Bill.

It states that a national public holiday should take place on “June 23 or the subsequent weekday when June 23 falls at a weekend”.

He has also tabled the European Union (Return of Contributions) Bill, which states that the Government should “obtain, on withdrawal from the European Union, a payment from the European Union not less than 50% of the United Kingdom’s net contributions to that institution; and for connected purposes”.

Philip Hollobone MP famously asked Boris Johnson if the EU could “go whistle” over their demands for a Brexit divorce bill as he highlighted how the UK has contributed around £209billion to the EU over decades.

So Bone wants a national holiday and £100bn in the bank for Britain? He’s got the right idea.