Brexit London is Europe's tech capital, screw Project Fear

Bits of London will break off and fall into the Thames, a mass exodus will take place and all that’s left will be a neolithic wasteland…well, at least that’s what Project Fear said would happen after Brexit wasn’t it?

Actually, London remains Europe’s tech capital and big companies like Facebook and Amazon have increased their workforce in the city. Who’d have thunk it, ey?

London has 100,000 more software developers than its closest competitor, according to figures from promotional company London and Partners and the tech website Stack Overflow.

In January, there were around 251,140 software developers in London, compared to 158,350 in Paris and 88,620 in Madrid.

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Even big time Remoaning London Mayor Sadiq Khan said: “Companies such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google continue to invest in London because of our city’s diverse international tech workforce, and our start-up ecosystem is vibrant and innovative.”

Don’t listen to the scare stories, look at the reality.