Brexit Department 'not backed by May for No Deal preparation'

The depressingly weak approach to Brexit displayed time and again from the government has once again been exposed by the revelation that David Davis’ Brexit Department weren’t backed by Theresa May to fully prepare for a No Deal Brexit that would allow the UK to walk away from the EU negotiating table.

That’s according to Alex Wickham, who wrote for POLITICO that: “Downing Street advisers considered ‘No Deal’ to be off the table, Ministers at the Department for Exiting the European Union (DExEU) still believed the UK could realistically walk away from talks, officials at the department said.

“At the turn of the year, DExEU Ministers and advisers vowed to ramp up no-deal preparations, insisting this was a crucial component of the PM’s negotiating strategy with Brussels, according to officials. To their disappointment, a Cabinet Minister for No Deal was not appointed when the Prime Minister reshuffled her top team at the beginning of the year and serious contingency planning was put on the backburner.

“With no plan for No Deal, Brexiteers lost a key plank of their leverage to secure the deal they wanted with the EU.”

This sadly makes sense. When is the last time you actually heard the government talk up the prospect of walking away?

Considering a deal with the EU is set to cost £39 billion+ there is serious leverage for the UK to walk away, but it requires a government that has the bottle to properly invest and prepare

Why isn’t there a Minister for No Deal? Why was preparation for a No Deal not properly put in place?

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If you can’t walk away, you end up having to accept crumbs off the EU table. This is nowhere near good enough.