Brexit could mean 'bonanza' of £540 million & 5,000 jobs for Scottish seafood industry

A new report has laid out the potential for a revival in the fishing industry post-Brexit, with a report from the Scottish government suggesting that seafood industry could be boosted by £540 million and 5,000 jobs.

That’s according to analysis done by Marine Scotland, which looked at a number of scenarios. The most optimistic set out removing tariffs and a reallocation of quotas in the UK’s favour could have a massive impact.

It would lead to a boost worth hundreds of millions in Scotland, the prospect of which was of course welcomed by Bertie Armstrong from the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation, who said: “This report simply underlines the importance of the UK regaining sovereignty over its own waters and becoming an independent Coastal State with the powers to control access and fishing opportunity.

“For Scotland that could be worth an additional £540m in income and create 5,000 more jobs in the sector, it says.

“Any other course of action would be harmful to the fishing industry and, given its importance to coastal communities (again as highlighted in the report), that would be totally unacceptable.

“There are challenges ahead in securing these aims, of that there is no doubt. But in light of the potential bonanza, we would urge politicians of all parties to press both the UK and Scottish governments to work together to support the aims and objectives of the fishing industry.”

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It underlines once again the huge potential for the UK outside of the EU. But only if the government have the guts to deliver full independence, unconstrained by the European Union.