Brexit Bad Boys in US for Inauguration

Nigel Farage, Westmonster’s Arron Banks and his right-hand man, Andy Wigmore, are in the US capital attending the Presidential inauguration.

On the trip the trio will also be spending time with the Governor of Mississippi, Phil Bryant, who the trio have met with on previous trips.

The trio were among the few Brits who publicly backed Trump’s Presidential bid, and joined him on the campaign trail to rally his supporters with tales of how ordinary people fought the elite and won in the Brexit referendum.

They were invited back to meet the President-Elect after his historic victory, beating the Prime Minister and other senior officials to an audience with him.

The Donald has previously tweeted that he thinks Nigel would make a great Ambassador to the US.

The boys are set to host a reception overlooking the White House with a guest list that includes Cabinet nominees, Congressmen, Senators and Governors, hiring an entire floor is the prestigious Hay-Adams hotel. A move that’s bound to get a few backs up in Number 10!