Braverman: Would be great if May told EU that UK is leaving with No Deal

Former Brexit Minister Suella Braverman has told an audience in her constituency that she will not vote through a bad EU deal and that she would love to see Theresa May telling Brussels that the UK was leaving with No Deal.

In a local meeting in her Fareham constituency, Braverman was clear with the audience on her principled pro-Brexit stance: “I don’t want to be complicit in 10 years time to the biggest mistake our country has made.

“I am not afraid of a No Deal Brexit and wouldn’t it be great if our Prime Minister got up tomorrow and said to the EU ‘I am just going to walk away’.”

Braverman, who quit from the government in protest at Theresa May’s bad deal, said at the time: “It is with deep regret and after reflection that I have had to tender my resignation today as a Brexit Minister. Thank you for the opportunity. I look forward to working to support Brexit from the Backbenches. This has not been an easy decision.”

She now says of her decision to resign: “It was a significant day for me and it was not an easy decision. However, I want to be able to look people in Fareham in the eye and know that I have done right by them.”

And she told her constituents at the public meeting that: “I believe the UK should be sovereign in its law making and we should have the final say. We should not allow a court in Brussels to override us.”

Braverman also said that she believes the UK has become a “soft touch” on migration, something that local resident Colin Ponsford told the Portsmouth News he agrees with: “It was a good event and I agree with what Suella had to say.

“In terms of migration I have previously applied for visas in America and Australia and they were both rejected and I respected that decision. I don’t think that happens here and it needs to.”

What a shame that the government isn’t being led by principled Brexiteers like Suella Braverman who are willing to walk away from the European Union without a deal to secure this country’s independence.