Braverman: No Deal is better than this deal

Former Brexit Minister Suella Braverman has been the latest to talk up the benefits of walking away from the European Union without a deal, admitting that whilst it would present “a challenge” there would be “significant” benefits moving forward making it a better option than Theresa May’s plan.

Braverman quit as a Brexit Minister in mid-November.

And she has now told the Press Association that: “No Deal will be a challenge, No Deal will definitely present some practical issues, and obviously a deal is preferable, but it will by no means be the catastrophe that some people are portraying.

“In many ways there are some significant medium to long-term economic benefits from No Deal, by opening our markets to global producers from outside of the EU we will increase competition, we will increase choice.”

She also hit out at the Project Fear tactics of the pro-EU establishment, saying: “They completely exaggerate the benefits of our membership with the EU, and they minimise any of the opportunities from free trade agreements with other countries and they overplay the obstacles presented from coming out of the EU in a way that doesn’t match reality,”

When it comes to a World Trade Brexit compared to what is now being proposed, Braverman is clear: “There are challenges to No Deal but it would be definitely better than this deal. To coin the phrase ‘No Deal is better than a bad deal’ – that’s exactly the situation we’re in now.”

If only those like Braverman were in charge of the negotiations.

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