Bradley: Those coming to UK on boats are 'economic migrants'

Conservative MP Ben Bradley has labelled those coming to the UK illegally on boats as “economic migrants”.

A ‘major incident’ has now been declared by Home Secretary Sajid Javid, with the latest group of men from Iran and Syria being brought in to Dover. It is unclear whether those coming to the UK illegally on boats from France are even being deported.

Bradley’s response comes after an absurd tweet from Labour’s would-be Home Secretary Diane Abbott who said: “Extremely dangerous circumstances in which people are crossing the Channel.

“We have a duty to those at risk in British waters and to vulnerable refugees many of whom are fleeing war, poverty and persecution and being exploited by smuggling gangs.”

The absurdity of the open border position was pointed out by Ben Bradley, who wrote: “Yes fleeing the hideous war and poverty in, err, France. Millions of Brits head there on holiday every year FFS.

“They escaped war and persecution when they arrived on European shores, now they are economic migrants heading for the UK. Get Real Diane!”

He wasn’t the only Conservative to point out the ridiculous Labour position on those crossing from France to England, with Tory Deputy Chairman James Cleverly tweeting: “‘Fleeing war, poverty and persecution’ in France?”

Those breaking the law to get to Britain from France have no right to be here and the British government must take strong action and deport those doing so.

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A failure to do so will only encourage more to come, making the situation even more dangerous.