Boxing promoter Sauerland: Ring girls sexist? Never heard so much crap in my life

Boxing promotor Kalle Sauerland has hit back at accusations that promotional ‘ring girls’ are in any way sexist, insisting that “I’ve never heard so much crap in life”. He joins fellow promoter Frank Warren in refusing to bow down to perpetually offended saddos.

Currently promoting the World Boxing Super Series, Sauerland told IFLTV: “Under what logic, and I don’t care if you’re the biggest feminist, sexist, whatever right, can you tell me that a lady all dolled up to the nines in a very classy outfit walking around showing a number is sexist?”

Sauerland insisted that when it came to accusations of sexism he had “never heard so much crap in my life,” making clear: “These girls are presenting round cards in a very glamorous way, its part of the show.”

He even highlighted how “a lot of female friends of mine they love the ring card girls, they’ve actually asked me if they can do it”.

As for the prospect of the ring girls being ditched? “No, it won’t happen. Not with us at least.”