Boris: Vote down deal, prepare for No Deal, bin EU backstop

A fired up Boris Johnson was on the Marr Show this morning setting out his opposition to Theresa May’s deal, insisting that “we can do much better than this” and that independence should be a “fantastic opportunity to do things differently”.

He wants the country to “go forward with this deal but you take out the backstop” after the deal is voted down in Parliament next week.

That would require the UK to “prepare convincingly for No Deal”, insisting that he doesn’t want No Deal but Brexit Britain had to show Brussels that there was a “risk” in order to secure a great deal.

Boris urged the government to delay payment of a chunk of the £39 billion until a free trade deal  is secured.

And he showed pro-Leave passion, telling Marr: “Do not underestimate the deep sense of personal responsibility I feel for Brexit.”

Brexiteer Prime Minister?

The battle for Brexit is reaching a crucial stage. Will you help Westmonster fight for independence?