Boris still top choice of Tory members for next Leader

Brexiteer Boris Johnson is still the top choice of Conservative Party members when they are asked to consider who should succeed Theresa May in the top job.

A ConservativeHome poll of party members found 24% backing him, double the 12% of support for second-place Sajid Javid.

The two former Brexit Secretaries were the next top choices, with Dominic Raab and David Davis both polling 11%.

Perhaps surprisingly Jeremy Hunt was the next pick on 7%, with Jacob Rees-Mogg on 6%.

One trend is clear: the most popular choices are largely Brexiteers. Unsurprising given May’s cabal of Remainers are making such a mess of things.

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Whilst the chattering class and even some Tory MPs may mock the idea of Boris becoming Britain’s Brexiteer PM, this is a guy who was elected as London Mayor twice and could electrify the country. When will the 48 letters against May finally go in?