Boris romps home in 92 Group hustings

Boris Johnson amassed the most support of the Conservative leadership hopefuls at the 92 Group hustings on Monday evening.

Johnson received 34 endorsements; Dominic Raab was second on 18 with Michael Gove and Esther McVey both on 6 votes respectively.

The 92 Group is a faction of the Conservative parliamentary party whose aim is to “keep the Conservative Party conservative”. It was a prominent advocate of Thatcherism during the Iron Lady’s tenure in 10 Downing Street.

The result of the hustings was as follows:


The result gives a good indication as to whom the Eurosceptic wing of the Conservatives will back to make the final leadership ballot which goes out to the membership. Dominic Raab and Esther McVey will be disappointed that their campaign launches on Monday afternoon have failed to ring through, as will Michael Gove whose rebuttal on Monday of Mark Francois’ assessment that he is not a “proper Brexiteer” also failing to resonate.

Predictably, Remainers Hancock, Stewart and Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt received just two votes between them as persuading the Eurosceptics that replacing Theresa May with another advocate of Remain proved to be a lost cause.

Bookies favourite Boris Johnson told the hustings he will ensure the party delivers an election victory “when it comes”.


The leadership candidates will now address various hustings of their parliamentary colleagues over Tuesday and Wednesday before the knock-out round begins in earnest on Thursday with the first of many parliamentary ballots. Any candidate who receives 16 votes or fewer on Thursday will be eliminated from the process.

Based on this result from the right-wing of the party, it would seem Esther McVey and Andrea Leadsom at the very least have their work cut out to remain in the running.