Boris: No Deal Brexit 'closest to what people voted for'

Brexiteer Boris Johnson has launched a spirited defence of leaving the European Union with No Deal on WTO terms, suggesting that it is “this option is closest to what people actually voted for”. With Theresa May’s plan still having little support, he’s not wrong.

Dismissing ridiculous Project Fear doom-mongering that constantly surrounds the prospect of a No Deal outcome, he hits out at how “there has been for far too long a confected hysteria about No Deal, and a determination to make it taboo”.

BoJo points out in today’s Telegraph that it is “the so-called No Deal option, that is gaining in popularity” because “when 17.4 million chose to leave the EU, they didn’t vote to stay locked in the Customs Union or the Single Market. There was no suggestion that we would pay £39 billion for nothing, without even a sniff of a trade deal with Brussels”. Hard for anyone to disagree with that.

And having actually spent time with Leave voters – unlike most MPs who backed Remain – Boris says of the British public: “They voted to come out. It is No Deal, or WTO terms, that actually corresponds to their idea of coming out.”

Urging a more optimistic approach, Boris concludes that: “We should approach the challenge of leaving on WTO terms in a way that is realistic and sensible, but also with the optimism and self-confidence displayed by the majority of the British public.”

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It is a much-needed dose of realism given the absurd tone many MPs and journalists strike about No Deal. Taking back control means leaving the shackles of the European Union behind, not staying closely aligned for years to come.

The British government have committed time and again to the UK leaving the EU on 29th March 2019. Deal or No Deal, that must be delivered.