Boris: My pledge is Brexit on 31st October

Conservative leadership favourite Boris Johnson has yet again insisted that if he becomes Prime Minister, the UK will leave the European Union at the end of October.

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In an interview with the BBC yesterday he was asked to give an “absolute guarantee” that he would deliver Brexit on 31st October. Boris responded by saying: “Of course. My pledge is to come out of the EU at Halloween on 31st October.”

“And the way to get our friends and partners to understand how serious we are is finally, I’m afraid, to abandon the defeatism and negativity that has enfolded us in a great cloud for so long and to prepare confidently and seriously for a WTO or No Deal outcome.”

Boris followed up by saying: “That is not where I want us to end up. It is not where I believe for a moment we will end up.

“But in order to get the result that we want, in order to get the deal we need, the commonsensical protraction of the existing arrangements until such time as we have completed the free trade deal between us and the EU that will be so beneficial to both sides.

“The commonsensical thing to do is to prepare for a WTO exit.”

If he wins, will Boris deliver at the end of October?