Boris & Mogg most popular Tory choices for next Leader

Another poll has shown Boris Johnson to be the most popular choice of Conservative Party members when asked who should succeed Theresa May as Party Leader.

A YouGov poll of Tory members has found Boris way out in front on 20%. He is discounted and mocked time and time again by the chattering class, but the guy is clearly a political rockstar who was elected as London Mayor twice, an impressive accomplishment for a Conservative.

Interestingly Jacob Rees-Mogg is the next most popular choice on 15%, showing his following is more than just hype.

Critically, Mogg has previously revealed that he would back Boris as his first choice because he “has a greater reach”. As a combination the pair have big time grassroots support.

Tory members clearly want a Brexiteer PM, along with millions across the country.