Boris & Mogg: May deal is surrender, government abandoning Brexit?

Prominent Brexiteers Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg have both spoke out against Theresa May’s Brexit plan that will seemingly keep the UK locked into the EU Customs Union, describing it as a potential “surrender” and questioning if the government are abandoning independence completely. Things are getting ugly.

Writing for The Sun, Boris pointed out that: “Even after we leave – according to this so called deal – we will remain in a nonsensical ‘implementation period’ in which we will be effectively non-voting members of the EU.

“For the first time in a thousand years we will have to accept foreign made laws – with no power to change or make those laws.

“We will be a vassal state – a colony – for at least 18 months, and probably more.”

On Twitter Boris followed up by saying: “Brexit was meant to be about taking back control. Under this plan – we surrender control to Brussels.

“If we accept this appalling deal, we must realise it is forever – not just for Christmas.”

Mogg isn’t amused either meanwhile, tweeting: “Is the government about to abandon Brexit?”

Are Tory Brexiteers really going to stand by and watch this ‘Brexit in name only’ voted through, possibly on the back of Labour support?