Boris: May's EU deal a threat to British fishing industry

Boris Johnson has warned that British fishermen will be sold out under Theresa May’as plan, laying out how the EU will not stop until has “worked out a way to plunder the waters of Scotland for their fish”.

Writing for the Scottish regional the Press and Journal, he set out how the plan would give the EU “infinite power to bully and blackmail” to ensure Brussels “get whatever it wants in the future negotiations”.

That would include French President Macron, who has already issued a threat when it comes to the Britain’s fisheries, refusing to “let Britain out of jail until we have satisfied his demands for UK fish”.

Boris insists that: “This is not the freedom to run our own fisheries policy. This is not what was promised to the people of this country – let alone the fishing communities of Scotland.”

For Britain’s fishermen to be sold out – yet again – by a bad deal that puts the power in the hands of the European Union would be a total disaster, and must be rejected.

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